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omg what am i even doing on this tumblr. im logging out. follow my main one! @annieenguyenn

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Gonna make a new tumblr, not using this one anymore cause of certain followers lolol. Bye~ :)

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alecpie-deactivated20131026 asked: Yeahh? Is it missing something? LOL A Cheerio has a hole in it, you need something to fill it in.

omg. LOLOL. just say that then ! instead of something confusion like cheerio aha. but yes, life is a cheerio atm.

alecpie-deactivated20131026 asked: What? o.o MY CHINK! How's life? Is it like a Cheerio?

a cheerio?o.o What? lolol

alecpie-deactivated20131026 asked: Haiii Yuhhhh!


trungphan asked: Hello Annie, I've read the first few posts on your blog. Are you okay? ): . If you ever need someone to vent to or talk to, then please feel free to leave something in my ask. Thank you.

yeaah, I’m okay. and thanks!


School Relationships.


When relationships start at school. It’s cute. Being able to walk each other to classes, hold hands in front of everybody, go to dances together and make people jealous. It’s really cute. But once that flame blows out, and you two break up, it’s hell. Seeing him or her everyday for the rest of the school year, talking, flirting with other people. Noticing them everywhere, watching the memories replay in your head. How can you possibly take that sort of pain?  

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I am so tired of life. fuck you, fuck her, fuck him. Go burn in hell.

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Please don’t fall for someone else.


I can’t even imagine what it would be like. But knowing me, I would act like I’m totally fine with it while I’m actually dying inside.

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